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About the project

See the world from a different perspective.

Human eye is so used to seeing everything from eye level. Be it standing or sitting position we are always seeing life from a height of 4 feet to 6 feet on an average.We as human see things from a higher point of view too when we are on a higher platform like a building or a hill etc. From this level we often see things from top angle either seeing down or again at the eye level.Seeing pictures and photographs shot from these level makes us very comfortable and we as human relate to them very easily as these are the normal views which our eyes are so used to.Photographers use these angles and very often shoot from eye level or waist/hip level.Shooting from “TOE LEVEL” is an effort to produce and capture the same world which we have been seeing for ages from eye level only. It’s the curiosity to see the world from toe level and produce images and visuals which dare to break the age old habit of seeing from eye level. Its an idea and concept to go beyond the limits and rules, to explore a whole new world which looks entirely new and shocking to the eyes which never saw this new viewpoint. The Camera on toe to shoot these images creates an illusion of shifting our eyes to toe.The rule to shoot these images is simple, shoot from toe level and include your toe in the frame to leave your signature stamp. Explore the new world, experiment with various locations and subjects and produce images which will amaze and tingle every heart, mind and eye.